Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Confessions

1. Yeah, there are problems with this photo, mottled light being the worst offense, but I am sooooo glad I have it.  Look how adorable my girls were 7+ years ago!

2.  I am eating the rest of a chocolate bunny from Easter right now.

3.  My house is still a mess. The paint came out last week and the girls claim they aren't finished painting, so why put it all away. Yep, it's on our dining room table.

4.  I hate going to the post office and the bank. You too?

5.  School is almost done for the year and I don't feel like we did enough.  I guess I always feel like that. 

6.  I know God does amazing things but I am always surprised when I hear of it. 

7. It was much colder during riding lessons this morning and I wasn't dressed for it. So now I'm cold. Still. 

8.  I've been so busy that I can only take one day or week at a time.  It frustrates me but if I don't then I get totally overwhelmed.

9. I took my first major step into my business. I secured my assumed business name for my state.  I am excited. But nervous too. 


Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Shot-One cool Senior

Last Friday I had the privilege of taking senior photos of one cool guy. This was actually part two of his senior shoot. The first set was taken in November.  I love this shoot because it was more artsy in nature.  This totally fit his personality.  So have a peak and tell me what you think.

Sweet Shot Day

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Confessions

Is this not the cutest picture?!!!!!  
Confession 1: I know I'm biased...this is my sweet middle child.

2: For confessions I will be posting old photos from our PC. These are the photos I almost lost twice. Yep twice. And I still have not backed them up or printed them.  

3. The reason I am using the PC is that my trusty little Macbook is getting old and not quite so trusty anymore. It has a birthday next month...5 years. That is like 80 in human years.   The battery in no longer able to be charged and it cost $120 for a new battery. This is the 2nd battery I've worn out.  I'm supposed to be getting a nice big iMac desktop soon.  I'm still waiting.

4.  I worked really hard the other night on a new header for a website I'm trying to make and I didn't save it and the cord came out of the laptop therefore shutting the whole thing down and losing everything I made.  Grrr....I think I have issues with saving and backing up. I will never learn.

5.  My house is a total wreck. Seriously people.  I have a good excuse though. We bought shelving from IKEA several months ago and hubby is putting them up in the girls room, to contain the enormous amount of junk they accumulate. So everything is in the living room during this process.  It is a slow process.

6. Skype:  Have you tried it yet?  I did for the first time and got to talk/hear/see this lady.  I've known Melissa through the blog world for 5 years.  My girls (the oldest mainly) chat with hers on gmail.  There is something to be said with hearing someones voice.  

7.  I think I have confessed enough. I think this might be my favorite link-up.  Maybe the Catholics have it right. Confession is good for the soul!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Confessions

I decided to link up with Melissa's Saturday Confessions.  

1. Our whole family is taking horse back riding lessons on Saturday mornings.  Today was the first day. I can't tell you what that did to my post birthing hips.

2. I came home with a massive headache.  I think it is a side effect of this dumb prednisone I have been on.  Oh my goodness, that stuff is nasty. Stay away from it.  So many side effects.  Cramps, hives, headaches and general not feeling good feelings.  (yep, I know that was not a proper sentence)

3.  My kids are learning to write using the IEW method.  I wish I learned to write that way when I was in school.  They know so much more about writing than I ever did.  

4. It's been a tough couple of weeks.  Between poison oak, trying to heal from it, coming off prednisone and the horrible tragedy my friend has gone through, I just want normal back.  

5. Lastly, I'm getting old.  My birthday is coming up and a week ago I forgot how old I was. Literally could not remember.  A young friend took some pictures of me a couple of weeks ago (which is where I got poison oak) and I just got the copies today.  I love them. Really. But I cannot help notice how much I am aging.  Graying hair and wrinkles.  I'm just not sure how I feel about that. 




Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday thoughts

This picture has nothing to do with this post but it puts a smile on my face as I have not seen this picture or these little girls in a long time. This was Sept 2003.  They were 2, 4 and 6.  

Last weekend started with much excitement as I had the opportunity of  taking wedding photos with my friend Emily.  It was a joy to meet her family and be in the presence of such a beautiful wedding ceremony.  And I got to do something I loved.  

I came down with the most horrible case of poison oak from a jaunt to a park to take photos last week. By the end of the weekend I was miserable. 

Tuesday morning I was headed to the doctors to see about getting some medication for this poison oak. It was all over my neck and face and around my nostrils. I was not a pretty sight.  Before my appointment my friend call with some horrible news.

Our good friend's brother committed suicide.  He lived with them. I can't go into details but believe me when I say that it was absolutely horrific.  I am heart broken for them, for what their family is and will be going through for quite some time.  

This last week has been a daze...trying to figure out how best to help this family. How to pray. How to keep going on with the  mundane.  And do you know what has driven me the most nuts about life?  Facebook and Twitter.  It is drivel. Pure twaddle.  People are hurting, people I am close to, and people you are close to (because we all know someone going through a tough time) and yet we talk about what we ate for lunch and how much sleep we did or didn't get.  I know mundane is fine, good even...but right now it just feels wrong.  

It's been a hard week.  Please pray for my friend if you think of it. They really need a lot of it right now.