Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday-Edit

Hey there, it's been a while since I participated in Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday.  I'm going to share an edit I did on a photo that looked bad. Underexposed, dark badness.  But it was worth saving.  I started the photo in Camera Raw (using a jpg) and didn't save as so I don't have the original dark photo, but one like it to show you.  So here goes. 

This shows how dark it was originally.
 This was after lightening it up and adjusting white balance in camera raw.

I usually always do a levels adjustment and clean up any red spots, blemishes, dark areas and such.  Then I ran a Florabella action on it (and shame on me for not remembering which one it was).  I know the white is blown out, but I didn't really care. I loved the light in her eyes and her expression.  

Then I converted into a black and white using the duotones presets in PS.  This is my absolute favorite way to turn into black and white. I love all the different color combinations available with just a click.  I really like the softness of this photo.  
Oh, and I am no expert in PS editing but I have come a long way!

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