Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Shot-Super Moon

So the other night we had this big glorious moon. Did you see it?  The area I live in can be such a drag sometimes., being cloudy when I don't want it to be.  That is the way it was during our super moon. I so wanted to capture it in all its big, bright, cratered detail.  So I check my darkness app on my iphone to see when the moon shall rise.  I get in my car to go hunt down the moon. After driving a few minutes I realize that while I can see it's glow, I was not going to see it's sharp detail. So I head back home and longingly stare out the window, hoping that the clouds would clear.  Finally at about 11:30 I step outside to have a look and there it was overhead, with cloud cover cleared away.  There was a huge glow around it. Magnificent.  Here is what I got. I am so happy!

I'm adding this to Darcy's Sweet Shot this week.  Head here to see more wonderful photos.
Sweet Shot Day

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