Friday, August 24, 2012

Are We Too Busy?

The beginning of a new school year is quickly approaching and I am trying to put on the brakes of summer.  We've really enjoyed ourselves and the more relaxing days with nothing to do is just what we needed.  I have avoided thinking about school for long enough.  Even though it is still August, I must get my thinking cap on.  Because if there is one thing I dislike more than the rush of school starting, it's the rush of school without being prepared!

It is time to start adding to the calendar. We have piano, and horses and a homeschool co-op.  I'm also looking into a possible mom/daughter book club, and contemplating a special activity for my youngest.  Thinking about all these activities makes me nervous though.  They are all good activities; helpful in the development of our children.  But, is it too much?

When my girls were tiny toddlers it was hard for me to stay home days on end. I planned little outings, but often times those were riddled with stress as it can be difficult getting three little girls out of the house.  I had to find a middle ground between being content to stay at home, yet get out enough to not go crazy.

I remember more seasoned moms tell me, just wait till they get older, life will get so busy you won't know if you are coming or going.  And I vowed that that would not be me.  Because in the process of finding that middle ground, I grew to love just being at home, and my kids did too. I didn't want too many events to take me out of the house.  So for many years, I silently rebelled against the busyness of life.  I didn't sign my kids up for much of anything. If we did an outside the home activity during the school year, I made sure we only did one.  And that worked.

And then they got older.  Two years ago we started putting our kids in certain activities that we thought would benefit them. And it has. Greatly.  They've all been worth it.

But here is where my title of this post comes in. While these things are all very good, what is the sacrifice?  I'm not talking about lack of meals together at the dinner table, or even nutritious meals at that. Or even the lack of family togetherness.  I am talking about, are our families so busy that we are not available to be the hands and feet for those who are in our circle that desperately NEED our help?

In my life in the last two years I have seen people die, marriages in trouble, job loss, financial difficulties, car troubles, you name it, I've seen it.  And these life situations are happening to people I know and love.  And my heart bleeds for them.  But am I, are we, as a christian community so busy that we don't have the time to take a meal, give a ride, help clean up, go grocery shopping for, counsel, or encourage our friends in need? 

So, as we plan our school year and add all those good activities into our school year, lets think twice about whether or not it really is worth the sacrifice?

Monday, August 6, 2012


Oh, this poor neglected blog. My renewal came up for my domain name and I had to think twice on whether or not I wanted to give up blogging. I don't seem to have it in me to blog anymore...well, and trying to keep up with a photography website and business, my free time goes into that. So that is why this blog is neglected. I renewed my domain name for now.

 I read Marsha's blog on curriculum and decided to participate in this years curriculum blog hop from ihomeschoolnetwork 

So here goes: I think I know what I am doing! After all, I'm going into my 11th year of homeschooling! Ok, so I don't always know what I am doing...see bottom of post. 

Isabelle ~ 10th grade 

Science: Apologia Biology 

English: Institute for Excellence in Writing 
Book Club-she has a list of literature that she will be reading for the year to complete her English credit. (All of these are done in our co-op) 

Notgrass Exploring World History: finishing up, then starting American History 
The history series includes bible. 

Math: Math U See-finishing Algebra (yes, it's her third year trying to get through algebra---keeping it real here), then moving into MUS Geometry. 

French:The Easy French (She will be taking this course taught by a friend who was a HS French teacher) We have Rosetta Stone. We tried Rosetta Stone but it was hard to keep her going in it without the accountability. It always seemed to take the back burner when writing and science and math took the most of her time. Also, we were always have glitches with either the computer she was using or the program itself. I still don't have it working correctly. Such a bummer because it is so expensive and you cannot resell it.

Piano-4th year 
Horses-riding, training  

Sophia ~ 8th grade 

Science: Apologia General Science 

English: IEW/ Book Club (also done in co-op) 

Math: Math U See-Pre Algebra 

French: with her sister 

Bible: Notgrass-Walking in Faith, Truth, and Peace series 

History: Story of the World, Middle Ages (I will be doing this with her and her younger sister with the activity book, and using some of the MFW resources that I purchased and never finished up from a couple years ago) 


Chloe ~ 5th grade 

Math:  Math U See 

History with Sophia 

A typing program? 

Bible with Sophia 


I don't know 
I don't know 
I don't know 
Why don't I know? Because this child has thrown me for a loop when it comes to teaching. She has struggled for quite some time and it is all I can do to just keep moving forward. I have no idea what methods will work for her this year. I am constantly changing, trying new stuff, to keep her interested and moving forward. Something might work for a few months then bam! we hit a wall. Does anyone else have a struggling learner?  I guess God doesn't want me to get too comfortable!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This and That

We had a birthday in our house last week.  This is my favorite photo of the bunch.
Two teenagers, one tween, two cats, one dog, a husband, and a photography business.  Life is full.  And yes, I still homeschool.  And I might be a little crazy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 52 begins

Week one is up on my photography blog.  Here is the link.
Lily Fields Photography

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet Shot-New Camera-Test Shots

How was your Christmas?  Ours was great and I was really blessed and spoiled.  I received my dream camera and I am just giddy with excitement.  (I actually paid for half of it, but hubby paid the other half for my Christmas present)  I also just bought the body, because I had lens that would fit it and I didn't want to get a redundant lens.  Here are my first practice shots with it.

Both were taken with a Canon 7D, 50mm 1.4 lens.  I'm loving that creamy bokeh!  I will be participating in a project 52 again this year.  I will be posting at my photography blog site. I may double post for a bit, or at least link to it here.  In the mean time this post is linked to Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Have a good week and a Happy New Year!  I personally am hoping this year will bring much blessings in my friends' and family's lives and less trauma and heartache. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Bokeh Party

Oh boy, I am barely making this party. Life has been crazy busy, and I have had lots of computer trouble.  I'll spare you all the details. I have one image for you today. My favorite ornament my girl friend gave me last year.  I just love it and how it captured my year last year.
This isn't holiday bokeh, but I thought it was neat anyhow.  I took this photo this week. It was frosty cold outside and bright and sunny!  

I'll try to post again before Christmas.